We guarantee you a stress free, headache free service right from inception to completion. Our team is appropriately and fully constituted to give you a step by step guide through all the aspects of your intended project. Is it land acquisition or getting an investment license? Our team will make this experience not only interesting but also rewarding.

Are you looking for a business partner to handle your assignment effectively, efficiently, in a cost effective manner but also transparently? We give you the assurance that we handle all your assignments knowing that you need your assignment executed in the shortest time, mindful of the cost of the same but at the same time not compromising on the quality.

Our team is comprised of ably qualified and experienced persons. Whichever skill that may be required to bring your assignment to fruition, the team is appropriately constituted to fully execute your assignment.



Diaspora Investment Profiles Ltd. has identified the unique needs of the Ugandans in Diaspora and can assist in the following area, at an administration fee:


  • If you want to buy property in Uganda, we can verify its existence; worthiness of the price; and authenticity of ownership. The company will also verify whether the subject land has any encumbrances.
  • If you decide to develop, we can assist you with the plan development (according to the client’s wishes) and advice on the projected costs of the intended development.
  • Related to the above, DIP can also phase the costing such that the client only develops up to where the funds can push him/her.
  • For those who have already bought property but still have ownership challenges, we can follow it up depending on the level where it has reached; whether it at the level of getting issuing a title, need for legal advice or even outright prosecution.
  • Where development is already started and it has stalled because of mismanagement, we can assist in completing the remaining part of the project;
  • Besides, in cases where the completed project is mismanaged and those running it are not collecting what is commensurate with the development, DIP can assist in administering the project and ensure that ideal returns are yielded out of the investment.
  • DIP can also offer advisory services to those who seek for the same.